Brian Stewart | The Codesmith

Brian C. Stewart

Software Craftsman

Hello, and welcome!

I’m Brian Stewart, a craftsman, a builder, in pursuit of excellence in all I do.

My journey to the present day is a winding one, but here I am.

I love building

My love of craftsmanship showed itself early. For my fifth birthday, I was given a bucket of Legos. After that, I don’t much remember playing with other toys. I wanted to be a “Lego Designer” when I grew up. I kinda still do.

I love learning

At twelve years old I got a model rocket kit. After a few flights, an idea started taking shape: Could I angle the rocket into the wind so it would land back where it was launched? To make the calculations, I taught myself physics, trigonometry, spreadsheets. I wrote up my findings and ended up at the Florida state science fair. I love to explore new things.

I love people

I love meeting people, communicating, sharing life together. It’s all too easy to be anonymous online, where communication is cheap. But what I care about is you, the person. Let’s talk face-to-face over a coffee or a beer sometime.

I love my family

I love my wonderful wife, my best friend, my teammate, Amy. She helps me so much. I love our little son Paxton Wallace, my young warrior poet. They are the reason I work so hard.

I love Jesus

Jesus restored my broken life. Now I walk with him. I’m awed by the beauty and elegance of the Creator’s craftsmanship. He is my inspiration.